Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island announces launch of new website


The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island has officially launched its new website. The new site will allow users to access more detailed, up-to-date information on all aspects of the Jewish Alliance, the programs and services, event information, the history of the organization and a comprehensive listing of community partners.

New features include pages for specific groups such as families with children, young adults and seniors and instant site updates for late breaking news. Additionally, more detailed information, including fitness class schedules, programs and initiatives, leadership, and upcoming events are available and presented in a more navigable and fully searchable interface. The calendar and events pages are powered through GrapeVine, a partnership the Alliance has continued to cultivate.

“The partnership between GrapeVine and the Alliance has proven very meaningful to the Rhode Island Jewish community. By having a powerful, cutting-edge marketing tool that helps organizations learn more about individuals in the community, GrapeVine has provided the Alliance and the community organizations valuable insights into demographics and preferences of the community,” says Deborah Ben-Moshe, National Director for Outreach and Engagement for GrapeVine. “With the launch of the Alliance’s new website, GrapeVine has extended its collaboration by integrating directly with the Alliance’s community calendar page, thereby ensuring that all community events promoted by GrapeVine are also accessible on the new site.”
This new website and its innovative features represent a significant step in the Alliance’s commitment to the Jewish community.

Jeffrey K. Savit, Alliance president and CEO notes that this is the first time the Alliance has been able to offer the Greater Rhode Island Jewish community the most up-to-date information in a way that is truly user-friendly.

“Let’s face it. The most effective websites are those that provide timely information, frequent updates and a simple, efficient user experience. Our old website didn’t have those capabilities,” says Savit. “The Alliance is always striving to move forward and connect with our community. We want to share information about our programs and services and express our dedication to this vibrant community. We now have a robust platform that helps us do that. This is what folks have been waiting for. The new site is engaging, sophisticated, easy to navigate and informative.”

Brian Sullivan, director of Alliance marketing, adds, “We think this site, along with social media efforts, will help us connect with our community in a much more effective way.”
The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island encourages everyone to explore the new site at

Kara Marziali (, Director of Communications, can also be reached at 421-4111 ext. 170.