Jordan Rich at Tifereth Israel


Jordan Rich, one of the most acclaimed national contemporary newscasters and talk show hosts, spoke at the Oct. 20 Sunday Morning Breakfast Seminar at Tifereth Israel Synagogue in New Bedford, Mass. Rich dazzled his audience with his acumen and savvy regarding the contemporary broadcasting world and his own personal journey to success.

He discussed media trends, the responsibility that broadcasters have vis-a-vis their audiences, the multitude of celebrities he has interviewed over the years and the diminishing role that newspapers have in our contemporary quotidian life.
Born and raised in Boston, Rich has been a fixture on radio and TV for more than 35 years. He began his illustrious career at WRKO in Boston at age 18 and moved to WBZ in 1996, eventually succeeding his long-time friend and mentor, the late Norm Nathan. The Jordan Rich Show is currently heard throughout most of the United States and Canada, and worldwide on the Internet.

His enormous popularity is the result of his innate ability to connect wholeheartedly with his listeners in a positive, supportive and upbeat way; plus, he always adds a large dose of humor and fun to his work. Succinctly, his joie de vivre is inimitable!
Rich’s magnanimous work with many nonprofit agencies has been widely recognized, as is his tireless work for a variety of charities. He is especially proud of his meritorious work with Boston Children’s Hospital.
The New England region is truly fortunate to have a man of Jordan’s Rich’s caliber, integrity, altruism and stature. Succinctly, he truly remains as one of the most respected figures in contemporary broadcasting.

Mel B. Yoken ( is Chancellor Emeritus of French Language and Literature at Uni-versity of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.