Judi Silverman makes dreams come true


/Judi SilvermanPROVIDENCE – It may only take only a solitary flower to set the tone for an exquisite room presentation.  Or, something as grand as a bouquet of orchids may be the necessary element. Designer Judi Silverman knows what is needed, and where it is needed, to make your area, room or home “pop.” She recently sat for an interview with The Jewish Voice. Excerpts follow:

Q. Is decorating and designing the same thing?

A. The difference between a decorator and designer is that a designer has the technical capability of doing floor plans. I studied design in school and loved every aspect of it from beginning to end. Designing or doing floor plans for a kitchen, a bathroom or an entire home never gets old, never gets tiring.

Q. When did you start designing?

A. I started working in this field 25 years ago and have enjoyed every project I’ve worked on. My real education began when I started to work in the field. That’s where all the magic happens!

Q. Do you have a guiding philosophy?

A. My philosophy in this business is to make my client happy and fulfill whatever dreams they have, large or small, tastefully.

Q. What types of projects have you worked on? Where have they been?

A. I have worked on both residential and commercial projects, ranging from selecting the paint color for a hallway to designing complete homes. I will travel where my work takes me. I have done work in Florida, throughout New England and for an apartment owner in the Trump Tower in New York.

Q. Does any project stand out as particularly exciting?

A. I’m looking forward to working on a 4,000 square foot vacation home in New Hampshire – four bedrooms, sitting rooms, mud rooms. The challenge here is that my clients would like to celebrate the coming holidays there and we have not yet officially started!

Q. What does a client need to do before they contact you?

A. A client, before they call me, should have a concept of what they like and, equally as important, what they don’t like. After that, I can successfully make something wonderful happen. I am a hands-on person, available for construction projects (I have a complete cadre of craftsman available to assist me); nothing pleases me more than to make a client’s dream come true.

For more information: contact Judi Silverman at (jmsdesign@cox.net) or 225-9938.

Editor’s note: This is one of a series of profiles of local businesses, some of which advertise in The Jewish Voice.