‘Lone Soldiers’ tell their story at Chabad of West Bay


WARWICK, R.I. – On Nov. 18 the Rhode Island Coalition for Israel (RICI) hosted six ‘Lone Soldiers’ visiting from Israel. This program was held at the Chabad of West Bay. It was RICI’s third pro-Israel presentation in November.

By bringing in these young, experienced, and accomplished Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers, RICI hoped to give the community another opportunity to hear directly from active soldiers.

Each of the soldiers, from a variety of backgrounds, enlisted without any family support in Israel. This qualified them for the status of ‘Lone Soldier.’ They said they were not disillusioned by the system. They explained in detail the ethical and moral training they received, even though they served in different capacities and in different branches of the IDF.

Close to 50 people, attended the event and asked thought-provoking questions for almost 30 minutes. They left with palpable positive energy as a result of gaining an understanding of what is really going on in Israel.

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Submitted by Alyse Teitelbaum 

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