More on guns and gun control

Certainly we would like a world where people bent on mayhem and murder could not get their hands on a gun. In a nation of an estimated 400 million guns that are not going away, and 335 million people, creating that world is not a realistic goal.
How then should we protect ourselves and our families? Reflect that we don’t hear of “mass shootings” happening at gun shows and pistol ranges, which are flooded with guns. The reason is obvious – an attacker would be riddled with bullets. Shooters who want to kill choose as targets places of worship, schools and other sites where the law-abiding are prohibited from carrying arms. We need to eliminate the soft targets, the so-called “gun free zones,” which are death traps.
Given that there will be murderous, armed people in our society, we must encourage anyone willing to take the responsibility to be trained and armed. The knowledge that their potential victims may be armed is a deterrent to felons. At least we should not be depriving people of the right to defend themselves.
Tom Padwa
Warren, R.I.
Tom Padwa, Letter to the Editor, guns