Musings in June


I’m a worrier. You name it, I worry about it. Honestly, if there isn’t something to worry about in my life, I will find something. Or, I can find something in yours.

I want to say this is a family trait. But it’s hard to pin down.

When it came to my ability to worry, my father was a matter-of-fact kind of guy. As an editor at a small paper, I’d sometimes worry about a vacation getting in the way of doing my job. At the end of the vacation, no matter the length, I’d get a call from Dad: “Paper get out?” he’d ask. And the answer, of course, was “Yes, Dad.”

That memory makes me smile. Have I learned my lesson?

Not a chance.

But I will take that nice memory with me through Father’s Day and beyond. And I’ll continue my quest to cut down on the worrying.

Here at The Voice, we are getting rid of our worries by taking care of housekeeping and tying up loose ends before our July publishing break. I’m still marveling at the fact that it’s already June. And now, we’re planning for our next issue – June 24 – which will be the last until August.

In the past, I’d be writing a note to remind readers to send in their calendar items. But we have a new website with an interactive calendar. So while you might still want to go online as soon as you can to post those calendar notices, they will continue to be accessible to the entire community throughout July. And you can keep posting other news and information, too.

We will also continue to update the website with fresh news as soon as we have it. Did you notice that when the Kollel sign was defaced, we had the information on our website before it was in the paper? And when the Touro Synagogue ruling came out, it was on our website. Because The Voice is a biweekly paper, you would have had to wait days to read about it in the print newspaper.

There’s no doubt that the news never stops. So keep checking for the latest from the community. And don’t hesitate to contribute your news and photos as well.

Speaking of contributing, our Patron campaign isn’t over yet, either. It runs until the end of June. And we need your help. Donations are down so far this year and here at The Voice, we have initiatives that need your support. We appreciate everyone who has expressed confidence and support for The Voice. Each and every donation is appreciated – and acknowledged – no matter how big or small.

In case you are wondering, yes, I sign every acknowledgment letter. Our donors are an important part of The Voice. We love to hear from you, and we hope you like what we are doing. And we hope you will consider making a gift before the campaign ends. Your support goes directly to the operation of your community newspaper to help it grow and to improve our coverage.