Our summertime slowdown: Tell us your plans


Fran Ostendorf, EditorJust like many of us, The Voice takes a bit of a summer vacation. We’ve been following this – or a similar – schedule for a couple of years. It makes some sense. People go away. Advertising is more difficult to sell in the summer. And there just isn’t as much going on in the community. A decision was made to give the paper a little rest. But not the staff. OK, I will use up that last week of vacation. And I will admit to a beach day or two. But we will continue to be in the office during July.

So this will be our last paper until August.

What will we be doing?

Our biggest project will be putting together the next edition of the Guide to Jewish Living, our annual guide to Jewish organizations and institutions. The guide is full of advertising and places and ways to enjoy Jewish life in the area. Because of our frenetic schedule during the year, we don’t even start to produce this 60-page insert to the paper until the summer. Our intern helps out. So if you know of something that should be included, please let us know by phone or email. We’ve been gathering information all year including updates and additions to last year’s guide. We’re taking suggestions for potential advertisers, too.

Other items on our July to-do list? Getting a jump on articles for upcoming issues of The Voice. This gives us an opportunity to take a little extra time and work on topics that we just don’t have time to tackle during the rest of the year.

And we’re planning for the future. What would you like to see in The Jewish Voice? We ask that question around the community throughout the year. And we keep asking that question during the summer. The difference now? We have a little more time to think about the answers and, perhaps, implement some of those ideas.

So, send us your ideas for articles, coverage, the paper. We will be in the office, answering the phone, responding to email, getting ready for another year and 24 new issues of The Voice. And, as you enjoy your July travels, don’t forget to send us those vacation photos, featuring a copy of The Voice, around the world. We never tire of seeing where you are enjoying the summer. Remember the deadline for our next paper is July 29.

Best wishes for a warm, pleasant July. See you in August!