PHDS fourth-graders experience living history


Fourth grade at Providence Hebrew Day School culminated its half-year study of social studies with a Presidential Living History Museum on Feb. 14.  

As part of PHDS’s celebration of President’s Day, the fourth grade, under the direction of teacher Ilana Benz, researched seven presidents: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower. Each student learned interesting facts about his or her president, including where he grew up, the circumstances under which he grew up, what he did before he became president, the most important thing he did as president. Students also gained an understanding of the overall atmosphere in America at the time each president took office. Each student put together a tri-fold poster displaying his knowledge and artistic flair. They then rehearsed their answers to various sets of questions geared for different grade levels. 

On the day of the assembly, students dressed up as “their” president and took their places along with their posters at one of the seven booths set up in the auditorium. 

During the assembly, students in each grade had an opportunity to visit the museum and interview each president. Students learned why FDR had to remain seated, why George Washington didn’t smile in portraits, what Abraham Lincoln thought of slavery, what Harry Truman is best known for, how John Adams continued his passion for learning and reading once his eyesight was nearly gone, what Thomas Jefferson liked to eat for dessert, and whether Dwight Eisenhower ever wanted to become president in the first place. 

Submitted by Providence Hebrew Day School