Progressives and J Street


Progressives criticize Israel and feel morally superior, thinking they know better than the Israeli electorate how to manage the country. “If only Israel would...” (fill in the blank), there would be peace. They ignore the Hamas Charter, easily found on the Internet, that calls for killing EVERY JEW ON EARTH. They ignore continued Palestinian rejection of the right of Israel to exist, and the continued funding of terrorism by the Palestinian Authority.

J-Street was against the US recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and against moving of the US embassy to a site within the 1948 borders. J-Street was against a law preventing U.S. tax money from being used by the Palestinian Authority  to pay lavish stipends to the families of terrorists who killed Israelis. How could any Jew be against Jerusalem being recognized as the capital of Israel? How can any Jew be for spending U.S. tax money to reward terrorism? Listening to a Palestinian peace activist may be nice, but is only a distraction from the reality that there is no groundswell of Palestinian support for a peace treaty. J-Street is a dangerous fifth column organization pretending to be pro-Israel, but consistently promoting anti-Israel positions.

              Farrel I. Klein

              Providence, R.I.