Providence Hebrew Day School launches annual fundraiser


Providence Hebrew Day School/New England Academy of Torah is about to launch its annual fundraising drive.

On March 12–13, the small community will kick off its 36-hour appeal to raise $300,000 for scholarships, attracting high-level staff and promoting Jewish education.

The fundraiser comes as many Jews across the globe are seeking out their Jewish identity in the face of ongoing threats. PHDS is committed to educating generations of children who will become tomorrow’s leaders. Determined not to let financial difficulties stand in the way of Jewish education, PHDS offers a range of scholarships to its students, and pursues outstanding staff to teach those students.

PHDS, founded in 1946, refurbished its aging facility on the East Side of Providence in recent years, modernizing its infrastructure, improving security, and updating its technology. This year, it inaugurated its Mechanchim Kollel, a higher institute of Jewish learning, whose members both study and teach at the school.

For more information about PHDS/NEAT, please contact Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman, dean, at or at 401-490-5150. To donate to the campaign, visit