Re: Blue Crinkle Cookies (Dec. 8)


My son and I recently attempted to make the Blue Crinkle Cookies.

What a disaster!

We measured the ingredients carefully and followed the directions as stated; however the step that indicated “add the blue food coloring, until the desired color is achieved” was rather ambiguous.

The dough turned out very sticky before being chilled so much so that I looked up the recipe on the developer’s blog and saw other reviewers had similar problems.

In fact there was not one positive review!

Ms. Kor, herself, indicated that “liquid food coloring will change the consistency of the dough.”  She went on to say that she recommended using gel instead.

Well that certainly would have been nice to know before making the recipe!

Not only that but as we were adding the blue, liquid food coloring to the yellow egg yolks, the batter was turning green. I found out after the fact that using the gel would have provided a brighter, more intense color cookie since it is more concentrated than liquid food coloring.

In addition, it would have been nice to know how many cookies the recipe was expected to yield.

If that was not enough, the cookies were rather bland.

What a waste of time and ingredients!

Lynda Golditch

Cranston, R.I.

We apologize for the problems with this recipe which was provided to The Voice by the JTA. We have contacted them and asked for clarification.