Re: Jewish Orphanage (March 2)


I read with interest the article by Geraldine Foster, “The Jewish Orphanage of R.I.: ‘A Cherished Institution’.” 

Indeed cherished!

My two uncles, Saul and Nathan Barber, now deceased, were residents of the orphanage when they were very young (about 7 and 9 or thereabout).  Their widowed mother couldn’t support and take care of four children (my mother and my aunt as well as the boys) so, in desperation, she sent the two boys to the orphanage. My uncles were well taken care of at the orphanage and encouraged to excel in school and sports. Both uncles attended URI, college and graduate schools. Saul and Nathan always talked in grateful and loving terms about the time they spent at the orphanage on Summit Avenue. I thank Ms. Foster for the article, which brought back fond memories for me.

Sandra Kopel

Providence, RI