Re: Memories of the old JCC (May 25)


I read with interest May-Ronny Zeidman’s article, “Memories of the old JCC.” To me, the “old” JCC was the one on Benefit Street where I taught nursery school children so many years ago. I had to laugh when I realized May-Ronny was speaking about the JCC on Elmgrove Avenue before the renovations just recently completed. We do think about “old” in many different ways.

Yes I too share the memories when the building was a police station, the purchase of it, the remodeling, the nursery school there and when the teenage children had dances and young children had baseball games where we as parents were there to cheer them on, and those people who worked there to teach the young and younger children. So many other memories from both of the “old buildings.” As it is said, “Those were the days.”

Adele G. Espo

West Palm Beach, Fla.