Re: Soup first, then dessert (Jan. 3)


I’m glad to see that Anita Solomon has shared some of her favorite recipes with The Voice. I’ve been craving her Apricot Chicken and have tried to recreate it on my own, without much success. Do you think she’d share the recipe with us? Lloyd’s was very special, the food was always good and it was fun seeing friends unexpectedly.

Bobbie Friedman


Clearly, Lloyd’s and its recipes resonate with our community. Thanks to Anita Solomon for submitting the recipe for Apricot chicken, as I am sure there are many other readers who will enjoy it. 

Apricot Chicken

By Anita Solomon

1 package dry onion soup

1 bottle Wishbone Russian dressing (only this will do)

1   8 ounce jar of apricot preserves

2 ounces peach liqueur

2 ounces brandy

2 ounces triple sec

Cook all together being careful not to burn. We very often used this on Cornish hens that were stuffed with cooked wild or brown rice. Partially bake the stuffed Cornish hens at 350, and remove from oven. Pour cooked sauce over each hen and returned to oven until brown and crunchy.