Re: The Yellow Sweater (Dec. 18)


The delightful picture of Libby Abramson’s grandson Chase wearing a yellow sweater she had originally knitted when awaiting her own first child 60 years ago took me back down Memory Lane.

In 1959, expecting my first child, I too knitted a yellow baby jacket, cap and booties. Many expectant mothers back then did exactly this; in those days, we could not and did not know the gender of the fetus, so we all chose a neutral color – usually yellow. (Of course, had I known that all my children would turn out to be boys, I would have picked blue; and if Libby Abramson could have known that all her children would be girls, she would undoubtedly have selected pink.)

Like Libby, I passed on the yellow jacket to my grandchildren (but I kept the booties as a souvenir). I don’t have a yellow-clad grandchild’s photo available, and, alas, I can’t send photos of my own children wearing it, because, like most people back then, we were still using black and white film.

Judith Romney Wegner
Note: Judith Romney Wegner is an editorial consultant for The Jewish Voice.