Re: Upsetting the Balance (Aug. 24)


I recently read Rabbi Rosenberg’s article in the Jewish Voice, Upsetting the Balance.

This is very disturbing to read that not only does he not support Israel’s National State law; he feels a need to voice his opinion that he does not.

He says “no thank you” to the 62 Knesset members who voted to support the law.

What did they offer HIM, for him to say no thank you!

He is a diaspora Jew and has NO BUSINESS criticizing any of the democratically elected Knesset members. 

The fact that he needs to voice his opinion that he is upset about this is ridiculous.

Israel has a right to self-determination.  This should have been in the basic law since 1948.

The fact that the world has been telling Israel they should not exist, in its 70 years of existence is all the more reason why this basic law that Israel is the Nation State of the Jewish people is needed.

Why doesn’t people like Rosenberg stand up for Israel instead of siding with its enemies?

Who are they trying to impress?  Do they think expressing their betrayal view will help make peace with the Muslims extremists whose only goal is to destroy Israel?

How about praising, instead of attacking Israel for being a sovereign state.  Or praising the Trump administration for ending $300 million a year funding to UNRWA which was used by Palestinian leaders to pay terrorists to kill Jews or the family of suicide bombers.

How about showing some loyalty and support for Israel for a change?

Ron Katz

Lincoln, RI