Readers react to Brown Divest


In the liberal monoculture that reigns at Brown and many universities, I am sure the BDS organizers are praised for bowing to the doctrine that the successful must owe their success to exploiting the unsuccessful. This delusional doctrine leads to the conclusion that BDS is justified.

The Palestinians could have had a country of their own long ago. The Palestinian Authority leadership has chosen to reject every offer Israel has made for a two-state solution. The Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the death of every Jew in the world.

I encourage Mr. Frolichstein-Appel and Mr. Solomon to travel to Ramallah or to Gaza and ask the Palestinian leadership to spend the money at their disposal on infrastructure, the necessities their subjects lack, and universal human rights education rather than terrorism and corrupt enrichment of the elites.

If the BDS champions survive the Gaza tyranny, I pray they grow wiser and outgrow their arrogance that they know what is best for the Jewish people

Farrel I. Klein

Providence, RI