Remembering a writer


The recent death of Albert Memmi, at age 99, has chagrined us greatly. We knew, visited and corresponded with this celebrated French Jewish writer for many years. We even taught his books.
French literature is rich and illustrious, and has many outstanding writers. Albert Memmi was surely one of them. After all, his literary oeuvre impressed us greatly and, simultaneously, provided us with great reading satisfaction.
Hopefully, Memmi’s books, especially “La Statue De Sel” (The Pillars of Salt), “Le Scorpion” (The Scorpion)  and “Portraits D’un Juif” (Portraits of a Jew), will be read and discussed for many generations. They will be, after all, just as remarkable – and important – centuries later.
Mel and Cindy Yoken
New Bedford, Mass.