Remembering the Kofflers


Jewish Rhode Island sparked my gratitude wherein the paper made mention of my parents, Charles and Sarah Koffler, whose summer home on Central Street in Narragansett Pier hosted weekly Sabbath services during the summer seasons, beginning about 1948, on Friday night and Saturday morning.

My folks took great pleasure in the gathering of summer residents who might have Yahrzeits to keep during the summer months and for those who were accustomed to attending weekly synagogue or Temple services.

At the outset, my mother, of blessed memory, would prepare a Kiddush that was on the house for Saturday mornings. As time went on, the daveners had Kiddush refreshments sent in each week.

The congregation felt so “at home” they brought their “little ones,” who took advantage of our landscape areas that allowed their daddies free to daven.

I am one of three Koffler daughters, the middle one, who married the rabbi, Rabbi Philip Kaplan, who conveniently officiated and read the Torah each Sabbath service while he and I were on vacation each year for six weeks. My mom passed away in 1960. My dad and two sisters, sad to say, have passed on. My husband, of blessed memory, died in January of 2006. I am now 95 years of age and live in assisted living.

I was not aware that Congregation Beth David owns their property at Narragansett Pier. My very best regards to Rabbi Adler and members of Congregation Beth David.

Esther Koffler Kaplan

New York