Remembering Sid Goldstein


When I joined the Brown-RISD Hillel board, Professor Goldstein was already an honorary trustee. 

What I remember most about Sid from my years as board president is that he never missed a meeting. That was true even as he became less able to get around himself and his beloved wife, Alice, wheeled him to meetings in a wheelchair. They made excellent use of our elevator when the new building opened. 

At meetings Sid was soft spoken, and when he spoke he commanded the respect of everyone in attendance. His reputation preceded him. When I was appointed an honorary trustee, I considered Sid as a role model for his ongoing commitment to staying involved and contributing.  

Danny Warshay
Providence, R.I.
Past President and Honorary Trustee of the Brown-RISD Hillel Board of Trustees
Executive Director of the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship

letter to the editor, warshay