RICI Rally


Thanks to Rabbi Dolinger for stepping up as a keynote speaker at the widely attended pro-Israel community rally held on June 6, organized by the RI Coalition for Israel (RICI). This is a difficult time for Israel and the Jewish people. Our community lacks unwavering leadership that is willing to speak out in support of Israel's security and against Jew hatred!

Even here in Rhode Island alarming public anti-Semitic rallies were held in reaction to the recent Israel/Hamas conflict, and there has been silence from the established Jewish leadership. During these rallies Israel was equated to Hitler, Stalin and South Africa by an imam from the Islamic Center of RI. These anti-Semitic rallies can be viewed at www.upriseri.com (news/civil rights). While expressing support at the June 6 rally, Rabbi Dolinger, a member of the Board of the Jewish Alliance, also pointed out the important connection between the Jewish community and Rhode Island's Christian Zionist leadership at Praise Tabernacle Church.

The lack of a very public rally of support, sponsored by the Alliance, during the conflict upsets me very much and it should upset you also. I have been to Israel many times and unfortunately the Israelis feel like they are on an island in their part of the world. They need and deserve to see that Jews in the Diaspora care about and support them.

RICI is an organization of Jews and Christians who support the State of Israel and all Jews.

Ken Schneider
RICI Board member
East Providence, RI

letter to the editor, Schneider