RIIC celebrates 5 years of success


This story originally appeared at theriic.org

RIVERSIDE – On Aug. 17, 2022, the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative (RIIC) hosted a dinner and networking event to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its founding. RIIC was founded by CEO Avi Nevel in 2017, to grow commercial, academic and research connections between Rhode Island and Israel. The RIIC has connected individuals, startups and major corporations, growing dozens of productive international partnerships in the process. It is a 501 (c) (3) (6) all-volunteer chamber of commerce.

The event was held at the Squantum Association; it was attended by more than 90 people, who enjoyed drinks and hors d’oeuvres ahead of a slate of speakers that included Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee and Israel Consul General to New England, Ambassador Meron Reuben. Acting as the evening’s emcee, RIIC board member Miriam Ross introduced the entire RIIC board and spoke about the early ties between Rhode Island and Israel, which date back more than 160 years.

Ross introduced McKee as “a steadfast friend to our organization.” In his remarks, McKee first acknowledged Lt. Gov. Sabina Matos, also in attendance, before speaking in praise of the RIIC and its work in “bringing [Rhode Island and Israel] together in a way that benefits us all.” McKee presented Nevel with a certificate of special recognition, from “a personal friend and from the people of Rhode Island;” Nevel returned the gesture by presenting McKee with a plaque from the RIIC, and thanked him for “always having a door open, and for always being welcoming to [the RIIC].”

Israel Consul General and Ambassador Meron Reuben congratulated the RIIC for all it has accomplished “in only five years, two of which were under COVID.” Reuben pledged the consulate’s ongoing support, saying, “We will continue to be there, side-by-side, to do whatever we can for RIIC.” Reuben was followed by Oscar Mejias, president and CEO of the Rhode Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which had previously partnered with RIIC and Israeli tech company WIX in 2020 for the RI Latino Web Project. The project is now poised for a nationwide trial.

Mejias also hinted at another, upcoming collaboration with RIIC, and was followed with a recorded video greeting from Rhode Island Secretary of Commerce Liz Tanner, who offered congratulations and thanks, calling RIIC’s work “truly visionary” and noting efforts that “have led to economic progress for both Israel and Rhode Island.” These greetings were followed by a dinner of Israeli-themed cuisine. Wine was donated by Royal Wine Corp., an Israeli company with roots in Rhode Island, and live entertainment was provided by Israeli accordionist, Sam Gavish.

The meal was followed by a recorded greeting from former Rhode Island Governor and current U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, who offered congratulations. She noted how the organization “led the effort to strengthen ties between Rhode Island and Israel,” and acknowledged the value of the partnerships created by these collaborations.

Former Rhode Island Secretary of Commerce, Stefan Pryor spoke proudly about Rhode Island’s number-two position in leading the nation’s post-COVID economic recovery. He said, “Rhode Island is leading the way, and RIIC is a big part of it,” and noted that “innovation is at the heart of these efforts, and it matters that we have an engine like RIHub,” referring to the Providence-based startup incubator whose partnership with RIIC is responsible for their successful “Bridge to Israel” program.

Israeli Economic Minister to North America, Anat Katz praised the RIIC by saying, “When you see something that flourishes, you try to figure out why. I think the vital ingredients are the people.” She said that RIIC’s “outstanding people,” are “at the core of the Collaborative: neshama – soul. This is the reason why this is successful.”

Nevel ended the program, saying that he felt “very humbled” by the previous speakers’ acclaim for the organization’s work. He thanked everyone in the room, emphasizing that each person in attendance had contributed in some way to RIIC’s success.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been five years. It feels like yesterday,” he said as he presented a slide show of RIIC highlights and success stories and expressed his confidence in the work still to come.

“It’s not what we do,” Nevel said, “it’s what others do because of us. It’s about making that connection.

“Tomorrow morning, we’re going to start on our next five years. Thank you for being partners on this journey.”

An award ceremony followed, with certificates of recognition given to individuals who had been significant contributors to RIIC’s success over the last five years. The night ended with networking, as invitees from universities, U.S. and Israeli government, hospitals, chambers of commerce, tech startups, and more mingled and made new contacts and plans for the future.

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