Secure your legacy with a planned gift to our Jewish community


Are you looking for a way to support the local Jewish community in perpetuity, to create a legacy in a place you care so much about?

As you think about your hopes for the future, consider creating a planned gift with the Jewish Federation Foundation. A planned gift is one that is deferred until the donor’s passing, and it can be arranged through estate plans or by making the JFF the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement account.

When you make a planned gift to the JFF, which is the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island’s endowment, you ensure that your generosity and vision will have an impact on future generations. Endowment funds that were established decades ago are now providing important support to Rhode Island community.

The JFF has a 70-year history as a trusted custodian of the Jewish community’s philanthropic capital. And now that JFF funds are invested with the Rhode Island Foundation, the portfolio is stronger than ever. In partnership with the RIF, the JFF oversees nearly $77 million in assets.

You can have confidence in the JFF’s knowledge and expertise to help you design a planned gift that will perpetuate your giving goals into the future. The JFF will use your planned gift in strict accordance with your wishes, allowing you to leave a lasting legacy.

You can make the JFF your partner in philanthropy the following ways:

Bequests: Work with the JFF and your advisers to create a bequest through your will or trust that clearly reflects and honors your philanthropic values. Alternatively, you may opt to add your gift to the JFF’s unrestricted endowment, allowing it to be used as needed.

Retirement account: Name the JFF as the beneficiary of all or a percentage of your IRA or work retirement plan. Because the JFF is tax-exempt, it can withdraw the assets from your retirement account after your death without having to pay income taxes. Additionally, any money left to a charity at death would receive an estate-tax charitable deduction, reducing applicable federal estate taxes.

Life insurance: Purchase a life insurance policy that names the JFF as both the owner and beneficiary. After you pass, the JFF will redeem the policy, and the proceeds will support the JFF’s endowment in a way you have arranged.

Your planned gift makes you eligible for membership in the JFF’s Dor L’Dor Society, which honors individuals who have created a permanent endowment fund or informed the JFF of their intention to make a planned gift.

Dor L’Dor Society members are celebrated in the Alliance’s annual Donor Report, which both honors their foresight and inspires others to emulate their generous example. Special events are also held for Dor L’Dor members, to honor their commitment to sustaining the Jewish community.

To discuss setting up a planned gift, or if you have already done so and would like to be included in the Dor L’Dor Society, contact Sara Masri, the Alliance’s chief development officer, at or 401-421-4111, ext. 223.

CLAIRE UZIEL ( is the endowment/campaign operations manager for the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island.

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