Shavuot inspiration at Project Shoresh


In preparation for Shavuot in May, Rabbi Zev Kahn, known as the Rugby Rabbi, joined us over Zoom, and spoke about the ancient exhilarating custom of staying up all night to learn. He encouraged everyone to find a topic of interest and learn what you enjoy and will grow from. He also inspired a Project Shoresh field trip to a place of higher learning to experience the excitement of learning with thousands of people on a deeper level. He definitely put us in the mood and right frame of mind for staying up all night to learn, and receiving the Torah.

We also indulged in some physical preparations for Shavuot. Rabbi Noach Karp distributed over 20 do-it-yourself make-your-own-ice-cream-sundae packages in keeping with our custom of having dairy delights on Shavuot.

Jewish Midnight Madness, our all-night learning program, in partnership with the Providence Community Kollel and Congregation Sha'arei Tefilah, had five well-attended lectures throughout the night of Shavuot, including: The  Romantic Anniversary of G-d and the Jewish People and What to do if Zombies Attack: Practical Jewish Law for an Impractical Scenario. It was the first time many of our participants had ever learned all night.

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