Springtime traditions are in full bloom


It’s April, the season of showers, flowers, spring, cleaning and Passover!

Yes, Passover. It’s not too early to begin thinking about our springtime holiday commemorating our deliverance from slavery.

In our house, we cook and clean before the eight-day holiday and then focus on family. This is one of two times each year when everyone gathers at our house, and they all stay a few days. It’s really a lovely time to reconnect with my siblings and continue our family traditions, which we have observed for as long as we can remember.

Over the years, spouses, children and significant others have been pulled into the gathering, along with some friends who don’t mind the constant talking and interrupting. This year, we even have a new grandchild in the mix, and everyone is looking forward to the holiday. We hope our parents will join us, but we realize that travel is no longer easy for them. We recently celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday.

Here at Jewish Rhode Island, spring also means that we are kicking off our annual Patron Campaign. You’ve probably already noticed the annoying envelope that fell out of the paper when you opened it to read the latest Jewish community news.

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Advertising is another way we finance the paper that you hold in your hands. As you read through this Passover issue, you’ll see a lot of advertising. That’s normal for a holiday paper. We thank each and every advertiser who bought ads in this and every Jewish Rhode Island or on our website. These individuals and businesses support the Jewish community and your newspaper, while the ads help them grow their businesses.  

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So, this Passover, please remember to be grateful for those around you and to support your community newspaper.

Our best wishes for a warm spring and a happy Passover.

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