Stand up and be proud


As a member of the RI Jewish community, like others, I have been very concerned over the recent Israeli/Gaza conflict.
I have followed the daily news coverage online, on TV broadcasts, on radio and in the newspapers. I soon realized that Jewish leadership in other American cities, big and small, have organized “Rally in Support of Israel” demonstrations. Where was the leadership of the Jewish Alliance, supposedly the voice of Jewry in RI at this important time?  Why was there not a rally organized to show our support for the State of Israel while it was under attack by 4,000 rockets from Gaza.  Many wanted to be able to peacefully and proudly show support and love for Israel in its time of need.  There is no equivocating at this time.  The pro-Palestinian community had no problem holding several demonstrations in Providence. They know where they stand! They are not on the fence!
As the eruption of anti-Semitism around the world gains momentum it should AGAIN teach us ... we must stand up for ourselves and be proud Jews.  No one will help us if we don’t help ourselves.

Judi Dill