Students return to PHDS ready to learn


Providence Hebrew Day School (PHDS) is looking forward to welcoming our students back to school in the coming week. We are very fortunate that our students are returning from vacation ready and excited for the upcoming school year. We consider ourselves fortunate as well because we know that their studies have not been forgotten. Many of our students attended Torah day camps (on our site), other day camps or sleepaway camps.  In addition, the school’s summer homework, which includes both Hebrew and English reading, helps keep students’ learning fresh.  Finally, some of our students attended a summer reading program run by Boston University, which PHDS hosted.

Our teachers, too, have taken advantage of the summer break by working to enhance the students’ classroom experiences for the coming year. We are pleased to welcome several new faculty members, all of whom we are confident will help our students continue to thrive in so many ways. 

We are particularly excited about piloting the new Eretz Chemdah program for sixth graders. This program includes remote presentations from the Land of Israel and will introduce the students to the many mitzvot that are special to the Holy Land through lecture, video and activities. Janice Rosenfield, one of the school’s Hebrew language specialists, will facilitate this unique program.

We are also beginning construction on a new lobby. The Fradin Family outer lobby will give the school a new, renovated look and will offer a handicapped accessible entryway and security vestibule to PHDS.

We are proud of the high academic standards set at PHDS and equally as proud of the fact our school is known to stress middot tovot –  excellent character. Our alumni and graduates go on to  higher learning, and many of our 2017 NEAT graduates will be traveling to Israel to continue their studies in various seminaries.

Finally, we are in the process of procuring gifts for our capital campaign. We are working toward renovating the school’s aging facility to meet state codes, as well as to offer other educational enhancements. To join our donors or to discuss dedication opportunities, please contact one of our capital campaign fundraising chair people: Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman, dean, can be reached at 401-331-5327, ext. 21. Frank Halper can be reached at 401-331-6851.

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