Swimmers Race


Patty Gold, from left, Judy Westrick, Ed Westrick, Eliza Beringhause and Michael Lipp.Swimmers Race – On July 13, the Whitefish, enthusiastic swimmers and members of the Rhode Island Jewish community, crossed Buzzards Bay from New Bedford, Mass., to Fairhaven, Mass., in the 20th annual 1.2 mile Save Buzzards Bay Swim.

In her fifth Buzzards Bay swim, Judy Westrick posted a time of 26:42, finishing 22nd overall and winning the women’s 46-59 age group.

In his third Buzzards Bay swim, Michael Lipp finished in 45:41.

In her first Buzzards Bay swim, Patty Gold finished in 38:30.

Led by kayaker Eliza Beringhause, Ed Westrick finished in 43:47 in his first Buzzards Bay swim.  The team raised almost $800 for the Buzzards Bay Coalition.  Other members of the community – and, perhaps, future Whitefish members – Amy Goldberg and Christina Mitchell finished in 37.11 and 33.00, respectively. Next year’s team is open to new members; contact Ed Westrick at westrick.edward@gmail.com.