Temple Sinai’s biblical garden grows again


CRANSTON – For many years, Temple Sinai has had a biblical garden, featuring plants, trees vegetables and flowers mentioned in the Bible. Started by Catherine Walter, the plantings were extensive and included a fig tree, grape vine, Egyptian onions, herbs and spices such as sage, marjoram and coriander.  Unfortunately, Walter died several years ago and the garden lay fallow until last year when Michael Schlesinger, a new member of the congregation, took over. 

Reaching out for assistance to Carolyn Winter, Temple Beth-El biblical gardener, and other biblical gardeners in the United States, he has created a biblical garden which reflects the 7 species in Deuteronomy – fig, grape, pomegranate, wheat, barley, olive and honey (Mike’s neighbor is donating a beehive).  Besides these plantings, he has added horseradish to produce bitter herbs for Passover, and flax. 

This year, the grape vine produced 13.2 ounces.  Using these grapes along with purchasing three boxes of Merlot grapes, he and some members of the congregation produced 70 half-bottles of red table wine and 40 half-bottles of Merlot.

The seventh-grade class at the Hebrew school planted garlic and flowers in the fall and shoots of the garlic and flowers are starting to emerge. The produce from the garden will be used primarily for Torah Study breakfasts and the Kosher kitchen on Fridays. The wine is available for tasting; just say the word.

For more information, call the temple at 401-942-8350

Submitted by Temple Sinai