The Miriam’s Women’s Association treated to a talk by Ann Hood and husband, Michael Ruhlman


Novelist Ann Hood and her husband, author and chef Michael Ruhlman, held a casual conversation on the theme of “A Recipe for Food, Life and Love,” at The Miriam Hospital Women’s Association’s virtual fall meeting.

Hood and Ruhlman, who live in Rhode Island, shared a few recipes at the Oct. 27 Zoom event and answered all questions that were asked. They said they both enjoy cooking, writing, traveling, being together and having fun.

The Q-and-A also revealed that Hood’s book “The Knitting Circle” was not based on a true story. Although Hood does knit, she said she never did so with a group. And she said that not everyone appreciates what she makes for them, such as tie-dyed wash cloths.

Hood and Ruhlman also both said they have new books out, or coming out soon, and might work on one together in the future.

After spending time in Spain, the couple said they revised a New York Times recipe to create their favorite Potato Chip Omelet, which they said they continue to enjoy weekly. Here’s the recipe:

Potato Chip Omelet


6 eggs, whipped

About 6 ounces of Lay’s Potato Chips

Cracked pepper


Break up the chips, mix into whipped eggs and let sit about 2 minutes.

Warm some olive oil in a frying pan (non-stick works best), add egg mixture, and sprinkle it with cracked pepper. Cook on medium-low until just set. Then broil until finished, being careful not to overcook it – the omelet should be slightly loose when finished.

The Miriam Hospital Women’s Association usually holds two programs each year as part of its mission to educate and connect with the community. The spring program, “Long Haul Covid,” will feature Dr. Jennie Johnson, the associate medical director of the Infectious Diseases and Immunology Center at The Miriam.

This year, the association’s major fundraising will be focused on raising support for stretchers and wheelchair scales for The Miriam’s emergency room.

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BARBARA HOROVITZ BROWN is the president of The Miriam Hospital Women’s Association.

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