‘The Settlers’


The Weaver Library in East Providence showed an anti-settler, anti-Israel movie on April 17. The movie called “The Settlers” demonizes the settlers and settlements as the main cause of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians for the last 50 years. That obviously is not the case. We had requested that the movie be canceled or at a minimum be changed to another date since it was the last day of Passover. We were denied on both counts.

We did the next best thing and set up a table of pro-Israel material. Our presence assured that all attendees had the opportunity to hear about what a great country Israel is, and we could counter the negativity of the movie. If we were not there, 75 people would have left this movie thinking “those settlers and Jews are outright bullies.”

We all need to stand up for Israel at every opportunity. We all know anti-Semitism is on the rise, and we  can’t sit idly by. During the movie there were lots of refreshments, including pastries, but nothing that an observant Jew could eat.

Roberta Schneider 

Ken Schneider 

Howard Brown

Ron Katz