The Yellow Sweater


Grandson Chase wearing the yellow sweater65 years ago, Libby Abramson knit a yellow sweater and hat for her and Dr. Harry Abramson’s first child to wear on the way home from the hospital after she was born. Two years later, their second born daughter wore the same sweater and four years later, their third daughter wore it home from the hospital after birth.

Thirty-eight years later, Libby and Harry’s first grandchild wore the same sweater home from Women and Infants Hospital and, later, three more grandchildren wore the sweater home after being born. After each child wore it, the sweater was given back to Libby for safekeeping.

Above is a photo of Libby holding the sweater. She even has the pattern saved. Libby learned to knit from her mother, Rose. Libby taught her three daughters and granddaughter to knit. Hopefully, this sweater will be worn by Libby and Harry’s great grandchildren!