Trends for 2019: Faux Meat


Whether it’s for health reasons, ideological reasons, or Kosher reasons, faux meat has been on the rise and is sure to gain even further visibility and popularity in 2019. In 2018, the Impossible Burger made a splash among vegetarians and Kosher keepers alike, since it is considered to taste more “like meat” than other veggie burgers and even bleeds like real meat. Several Kosher restaurants began carrying it in 2018 and many more are likely to add it to menus in the coming year. Jackfruit has also gained popularity as a plant-based alternative to pulled pork or brisket. Whole Foods’ predictions for 2019 included fake meat snacks, saying, “Plant-based foods will continue to surprise and inspire — this year taking on the meat-based snacking world of jerkies and pork rinds you may associate with the corner store and road trips.” Bring on the tofu jerky, we are ready.