Update from Gilboa-Afula


In the beginning of August we had a few small farewell ceremonies with the long-term groups who were hosted in the Gilboa for over a month. These were mostly groups of families from Kfar Aza who stayed at Nir Haemek (Simcha Peer is the president of the high school), Kibbutz Nir Oz and Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha. We all had mixed feelings during the farewells and many emotions came up. Some of the families felt scared and weren’t sure if it was really safe for them to go home and others felt it was time to leave Gilboa, but promised to come and visit. The kids from Kfar Aza left us a lovely picture they drew for us. The kids also made Gili, our bus driver who took them to kindergarten every day, a shirt with a picture of all the children thanking him

Unfortunately, the quiet was interrupted when the cease-fire broke and missiles were once again launched toward Israel. Twelve families from Ein Hashlosha were on their way home but decided to return to Gilboa. These families are waiting to see if this time the cease-fire is really serious. We are all hoping quiet will resume and the families will soon feel safe enough to return home.