Where have all the leaders gone?


At one time, the Rhode Island Jewish community was blessed with outstanding lay leaders. Names like Licht, Alperin, Hassenfeld, Sopkin, Ress, Reisman, and many others, stood up and supported the State of Israel and denounced anti-Semitism. They were collectively the strength and voice of our Jewish community.

Today, the vicious anti-Israel attacks and renewed anti-Semitic rants are coming not only from traditional hate-mongers, but even from new members of our House of Representatives.

Where are the voices of our community lay leaders? Are there no such leaders? Or, if there are any, why are they so ominously silent?

We cannot afford to remain silent while the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic attacks continue to increase.

Judge Howard I. Lipsey (ret.)

Lincoln, R.I.

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