Where is the outrage?


Full humanitarian aid and medical for the residents of Gaza [January 2024]?  Why do you not demand it for the raped and beaten hostages?  Where is your outrage at the systematic Jew hatred of the Red Cross?  Why have they not fought to provide this for our hostages?

Where is [Michael] Fine’s and [Rabbi Wayne] Franklin’s anger at Women of the UN, #Metoo, NOW and others for not standing up for our Jewish and Israeli women and men?  Neither of you have a response to the silence of such celebrities as Mrs. Obama and Oprah Winfrey?  As one Israeli female rape survivor of the terrorist hostage perpetrated by Hamas said, “There are no innocent Arabs in Gaza.”

Rabbi & Mr. Fine, your sympathies are misplaced.  Rabbi, you know the Halacha:  “When one comes to slay you, rise up and slay him first.”

Rabbi Sam Rothberg

Rabbi Rothberg is a Rhode Islander who has been living in South Florida since 1982.

letter to the editor, Rabbi Sam Rothberg