Your old costume can bring joy to a child in Israel


If your child has a costume that she or he no longer needs, consider doing something good with it, like donating it to benefit children in Israel. Your gift could bring an Israeli child some joy and happiness!

While some American Jews do not celebrate Halloween, many do dress up for the Jewish holiday of Purim. In Israel, Purim is just as popular as Halloween is in America. But, unfortunately, many families in Israel cannot afford to purchase cool costumes for their children or find the time or materials to create their own. 

Last year, Or Cohen, our community shaliach, or Israeli emissary, brought many costumes to a  group named A Home for Every Child, which provides a comprehensive therapeutic envelope for at-risk children and families in Israel. It is a leader in the care of high-risk children, from early childhood to adolescence, in both their homes and educational environment. The group develops expertise in preventing child abuse and sees its mission as key to a better society. Staff work with families, and, when necessary, provide a residential setting for children who are at risk.

In their thank-you letter for last year’s donation of an “impressive variety of costumes” to the group’s Moadoniot department, they wrote that the “department nurtures, educates and treats abused and/or neglected children & youth from dysfunctional families. The Moadoniot objective is to facilitate the child’s normal development, to improve interfamilial relationships, to provide a rewarding learning experience at school and to mainstream the child into regular extra-curricular educational programs. These kids need positive experiences to enrich their world.”

Having real costumes makes it that much easier for these children to fully participate with their peers.

Please bring donations to the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish Community Center, 401 Elmgrove Ave., Providence, or to a participating synagogue. For more information, contact Or Cohen at or 401-864-3786.

LARRY KATZ ( is the director of Jewish life and learning for the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island.

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