Your Voice, better than ever


Change is coming to The Jewish Voice.

Beginning in January, your community newspaper will switch to a monthly format, while upgrading the website and adding a monthly email newsletter. In short, we’re changing with the times to better meet your needs.

The first Friday of each month, The Voice will publish a newspaper with a fresh new look, some new content and many longtime favorite features. You’ll still find community news that you can’t find anywhere else, information from the synagogues in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, stories about people in our community, photos from your trips, simchas, a calendar of upcoming events, obituaries and more.

In addition, you’ll be seeing a lot more profiles of notable people, feature stories and point-counterpoint commentary of interest to our community.

Many of the announcements and news stories that have been published in the print edition will be moving online to our website, This gives us an opportunity to bring you news in a much more timely fashion – so important in today’s world. 

More and more people are looking at The Voice online. If you’re not already, we hope that you’ll soon get in the habit of visiting

Better still, if we have your email address, you’ll be receiving a newsletter in the middle of each month highlighting important stories and bringing you obituaries that have been submitted between print editions. More and more people prefer receiving news via their phone, tablet or computer, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter now at our website.

We think these changes to more modern news-delivery systems are a good thing, and we hope you’ll agree. The Jewish Voice will continue to be a valuable news source, so please keep reading, both in print and online, as our new newspaper evolves.

One thing is not changing: We’ll stay true to our mission of bringing you the best stories, photos and information about our Rhode Island Jewish community. 

If you have a story idea, news tip or other information for The Voice, please let us know. Contact us at, or The Jewish Voice, 401 Elmgrove Ave., Providence, RI 02906, or 401-421-4111.

And remember to send us your email address or sign up via the website so you can receive the new monthly newsletter!

Finally, a huge thank you to the staff of The Jewish Voice, the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island and you, our readers, for your continued support. And let’s not forget our advertisers. We thank them for their continuing support and hope that you will tell them you saw their ad in The Jewish Voice.