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Diseases that afflict humans don’t wait to be identified; they flow and ebb, governed by the many independent forces of nature; sooner or later, though, someone pauses, examines the blight and declares it to be distinguishable from other … more
Things are rarely black and white – except, of course, when the color of a specific object needs to be defined; and then such words as black and white lose any of their metaphoric potential; they become mere adjectives. more
The abbreviated sayings of wisdom, sometimes called adages, have not been confined to the teachings of any one religion or ethnic society. They are remembered, recorded and repeated in every group that adheres to the compelling delusion that their … more
There are many non-English words, currently held hostage in a purgatory of orphaned words, begging to be admitted to the English vocabulary. But since there are no admissions committees authorized by Washington – or even a friendly rabbinical … more
Two 19th century men of different faiths and disparate social backgrounds, each conversant within the corridors of international philanthropy, met late in their lives and formed a deep and lasting friendship. One was named Moses Haim Montefiore … more
Over a half century ago, there had been a large Jewish hospital in the New York region fulfilling a unique societal need. It had opened its many long-term beds for the continuing care of people impaired by chronic, essentially incurable, neurologic … more
Genesis tells us that Methuselah lived a full 969 years and his son, Lamech, who later fathered Noah, lived an equally impressive interval. And so, in the nine generations intervening between Adam and Noah, the patriarchs each lived an average of … more
Childhood is that wondrous kingdom where nobody dies, where the family elders live forever and where reality tarries behind the next hill. And so, in many middle-class homes, young children are temporarily shielded from the very sad events that are … more
No ancient culture was without its musical accompaniments. Music was central to the religious ritual of these many civilizations as well as companion to their recurring events – marriages, births, deaths, warfare and the periodic appeasement of … more
Britain had been invaded countless times by the Romans, Saxons, Jutes and Danes, but it was not until the year 1066 that a Norman force from the European mainland achieved more than a limited occupation. While earlier invasions had created small … more
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