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This week’s Torah portion is Ki Tisa, meaning, “When you count.” At this point in the weekly Torah narrative in the Book of Exodus, the Israelites have been … more
We are used to seeing angels in Christian art and hearing about them in Christian spirituality, so we may think they are a Christian idea. Since Judaism holds firmly to a single, incorporeal … more
Recently we finished the Book of Genesis in our cycle of weekly Torah portions and began studying the Book of Exodus.   The Book of Genesis told us stories of our patriarchs and … more
This week’s parashah, Bo, lays at the heart of the story of the Exodus. Seven plagues have already befallen Egypt, yet, Pharaoh continues to enslave the Israelites. This … more
This week’s parashah begins in Egypt, just as a new pharaoh, despotic and hard-hearted, rises to power. Threatened by the growth of the Israelite population, Pharoah condemns a formerly vibrant … more
The biblical story of Joseph and his brothers spans four Torah readings – a full month on the yearly calendar. That’s a lot of coverage for a single story in the Torah. There must be many … more
Our portion – Vayeshev – marks the beginning of an historical condition for the Jewish people, one that would not be resolved until 1948. It is the beginning of the Joseph story, a story … more
The Torah portion Vayetzei is a darshan’s (preacher’s) dream.  It contains several iconic, archetypal, even universal experiences and images. Jacob … more
When organizing the Torah and deciding how it should be structured, the rabbis divided the Torah into weekly parshiot (portions) and titled each portion with the first one or two important words that … more
The portion Lech Lecha, literally “Go, for yourself,” opens with God’s command to Abraham to “go” out of his land, and to head toward some place that God will show him … more
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