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The biblical story of Joseph and his brothers spans four Torah readings – a full month on the yearly calendar. That’s a lot of coverage for a single story in the Torah. There must be many … more
Our portion – Vayeshev – marks the beginning of an historical condition for the Jewish people, one that would not be resolved until 1948. It is the beginning of the Joseph story, a story … more
The Torah portion Vayetzei is a darshan’s (preacher’s) dream.  It contains several iconic, archetypal, even universal experiences and images. Jacob … more
When organizing the Torah and deciding how it should be structured, the rabbis divided the Torah into weekly parshiot (portions) and titled each portion with the first one or two important words that … more
The portion Lech Lecha, literally “Go, for yourself,” opens with God’s command to Abraham to “go” out of his land, and to head toward some place that God will show him … more
What makes people sin? How do they avoid it? Does God punish sinners in this world? Does God reward the righteous in this world? This week’s Torah portion ( B’reishit ) – … more
When I became a rabbi, I knew that I would be giving advice on how to build a sukkah someday, but I never imagined that it would be at the local church! It turns out that many Christians … more
Do you remember the commercial where a father and his son are walking back to their car after a football game? It is the one where the son’s team has just won the championship. It is the one … more
I would like to do a survey of The Voice readers. Pause for a moment, clear your minds, and think about the following question: What is the most powerful moment for you … more
We all know that the Hebrew Bible was written a long time ago. We assume that many of the Bible’s teachings were intended for a different political and social reality than ours. … more
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