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No, not the brush or charcoal, nor the chisel and even no camera! I just use that ancient invention, the scissors. I may cut out one square from the funnies, or I trim an old photo snapshot to focus … more
I had two uncles who fought for the four freedoms, and I think about them on Memorial Day. One of them, the younger, was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge and came home on crutches. The other, … more
She used to greet me along the shore between the former Canonchet beach and the Dunes, where the ocean meets the river known as the Narrow, perhaps short for Narragansett. Of late, she sends me … more
In French, this month is spelled like the war divinity: “Mars.” In ancient, classical Greece, Athena is the goddess of wisdom ... and war! Now, Mordecai, the hero of … more
We Rhode Islanders revere the reverie of piracy. The dream of adventure and romance on the high seas, with a focus on the concept of buried treasure chests just beneath the sandbars at our … more
This toast to timber has multiple meanings, which I will list here. Our Arbor Day is one, of course. A symbol of ecology as well as Zionism. But for me, it was all about the poems by American artists … more
Once upon a time, was there in fact a cactus that caught fire by itself? I read that once: a spontaneous flaming shrub gave birth to the Torah tale of the divine voice speaking to Moses from the … more
I like to think that Thanksgiving was inspired by Sukkot, that the Pilgrims read the Bible and endeavored to weave its values and ideas into the fabric of their lives here in this hemisphere. That … more
The October Harvest Moon holds appeal for people from a global range of cultures. We celebrate it here at Sukkot and Thanksgiving, and like to think that we are also thanking the indigenous tribes … more
“These precious days”: Remember those lyrics to the popular old song sung by Walter Huston? It seems right as I report on the past and our hopes for the new year. We got down to … more
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