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While at first glance, artificial intelligence, friends and pets don’t appear to have anything in common, these topics form the basis for this month’s missive. Artificial intelligence, … more
The picture that accompanies this column goes to the heart of what Passover means to me as the years fly by: a chance to reconnect with my youth, especially during the two seders. Over the years, … more
I marked the 20th anniversary of my father’s death this month by observing his yahrzeit on the ninth of Adar, and my memories of him remain vivid. Over the years, there have been many times … more
Every time someone’s email or phone gets hacked or a senior citizen falls victim to phishing or another scam, the perpetrators are not only treating their victims with extreme disdain and … more
With another year in the rearview mirror, I thought I’d take an unconventional look at 2022 by writing about five things I want to see much less of in 2023, and five things I’d like to … more
Enough is enough … or is it? Are Americans waking up to the disturbing resurgence of antisemitism to the point where they’ll stand up to those trying to make it open season on … more
Immigration has always been a convenient hot-button issue to rile up voters of all stripes. The subject makes for easy rallying cries and attack ads – often stereotypical and misleading – … more
The just-concluded High Holy Days season has always meant doing a lot of soul-searching and self-reflection on where you’ve been and where you’re going – a process that only … more
One of the advantages of growing older has been learning to live more spontaneously. That doesn’t mean that I’m acting more impulsively, but it does mean that I’m resolving to … more
Last summer, despite being fully vaccinated, I was a long way from feeling “normal.” The constant advice from medical and government officials urging people – especially those of us … more
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