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Breaking the glass

Jewish Rhody Media to launch podcast on multifaith relationships

Wednesday, November 16

Intermarriage. It’s been whispered about for years. Who we marry and their faith or spirituality can divide families and communities.  But intermarriage is growing. “Breaking the Glass,” a new six-episode podcast from Jewish Rhody Media, will explore multifaith relationships. With religious engagement in decline and polarization becoming more common, podcast producer and host Emma Newbery talked to people who are making these relationships work despite challenges and the experts who are helping …

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Wednesday, November 16

A six-part podcast series highlighting the experiences of multifaith couples and families in Jewish communities …
In the news

Comedians are as capable of antisemitic incitement as political figures

Thursday, November 17

(JTA) — Last week saw Dave Chappelle deliver a brilliant monologue on “Saturday Night Live” addressing the antisemitism controversies surrounding Kanye West and Kyrie …
In Our Community

Watch the video: Dick Shapiro, 92, does things his way

Dick Shapiro doesn’t have a smartphone. He doesn’t have a computer, which makes his desk look strangely empty. His company, East Greenwich-based Special Delivery, distributes periodicals across Rhode Island, but it has neither a website nor a social media presence.

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Editor's column

Silence is just not acceptable

Two years ago – just before the 2020 election – I wrote a column expressing hope that the country would settle down and come together after the vote was counted. I had no idea that …

It’s a season of new possibilities

Looking back, looking forward

September is on my mind


Shirley Nulman, 94

Tuesday, November 15

Daniel Cohen, 41

Tuesday, November 15

Allan Cole, 79

Tuesday, November 15

Andrew Latzman, 50

Tuesday, November 15

Thelma Jo Levitt, 76

Tuesday, November 15

Elaine Silverman, 92

Tuesday, November 15

Leona Spilka, 97

Tuesday, November 15

Edmund de Waal’s “The Hare with Amber Eyes” is about many things. Towards the very end of the 350-page book, the author confesses, “I no longer know if this book is about my …
Thoughts on mortality and immortality

It was as a high school sophomore, in 1960, that I first encountered “Ozymandias,” a sonnet by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822). In the first line of the 14-line poem, Shelley tells …

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Other news

Police investigate antisemitic messages in Oakland Beach

WARWICK – Police are investigating after at least 80 plastic bags containing antisemitic messages were dropped in yards in the Oakland Beach neighborhood early Tuesday.

Book empowers women to silence online trolls

Sukkot in Rhody

Represent RI at the Maccabiah Games 2023!

JFF’s donor advised funds make charitable giving easy

Israeli olive oil is flowing to R.I. from adopted trees

D'var Torah

As we age, our spiritual lives can grow

Thursday, November 3

In parashah Lech Lecha, Abraham is invited by God to leave his country, his homeland, the city of his birth, to travel into the unknown and begin a new nation and religion.  Not so unusual …

Letters to the Editor

A new relationship for RI’s Jewish community

Friday, October 7

Last June 2021, while some elements of the Jewish community felt paralyzed by the Gaza war, a pro-Israel rally was organized by RI Coalition for Israel (RICI). Due to RICI’s relationship with …

Gun rights activists misinterpret the 2nd Amendment

Wednesday, September 7

When the U.S. Congress was drafting, debating and ratifying the Second Amendment back in the late 1700s, they could have never imagined the advances in technology, weaponry and warfare that comprise …


Cook Up Pumpkin-Inspired Comfort

Thursday, November 3

After a cool, blustery day, it’s hard to beat a satisfying meal that provides comfort from the inside out. Better yet, turning to a filling dish that’s easy to prepare means more time …