Community Hevra Kadisha RI: Reimagining Jewish End of Life Care & Ritual


On the evening of Thursday May 30, we will be hosting a special inclusive pluralistic community educational conversation on Jewish end-of-life rituals. How do we as Jews attend to our dead? Who does it? Where? What are the beliefs that underpin these rituals? What is tahara? What are shomrim? How might we create meaningful experiences and rituals as we care for our loved ones at the ends of their lives (through Doula work, preparing bodies, ushering souls, etc)? How might we build a vibrant community of people to enact his sacred work?
This event is to share information about Hevra Kadisha – the “holy group” of people who volunteer to care for our dead. Ten years ago, the Community Hevra of Greater Boston was formed to “provide the Greater Boston Jewish Community one of the most significant and respected mitzvot in our tradition.” It is the hope of many in Rhode Island that we can create a similar Community Hevra Kadisha, where Jews of all backgrounds and genders are welcome to join and participate.
This is our first event to begin a conversation about the realm of possibility for a pluralistic approach to end of life care in our broader Rhode Island Community. One of those steps is creating an inclusive community Hevra Kadisha. Feel free to join the conversation and bring your curiosity and experiences with you. While being a volunteer in a Hevra Kadisha may not be for everyone, understanding these rituals and what they offer is invaluable for us all. We may all need them one day. Please join the conversation.

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Event Date
Thursday, May 30, 2024
Event time
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM