R.I. Jewish Historical Association’s annual meeting will make history


When the Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association holds its annual meeting, on May 23, it will make some history of its own: The incoming president, Harold Foster, will be the third in his family to hold the position.

Foster’s mother, Geraldine Foster, was the first woman president. Geraldine, who is still quite involved in her 90s, followed her father, Beryl Segal, as president.  Harold Foster will be RIJHA’s first third-generation president.  How many of Little Rhody’s Jewish organizations can claim such a distinction?

At its annual meeting, RIJHA will thank outgoing president Mel Topf  for his three years of thoughtful leadership as its 18th president.  And it will welcome a new first vice president, Linda Lotridge Levin, already an active member of the board.

Lowell Lisker will continue as second vice president, Mel Blake as treasurer and Ruth Breindel as secretary.  Breindel previously was RIJHA’s second woman president.

Anne Sherman and Cliff Karton will become new board members, while many others continue to honor the past through their service on the board.  Sherman served with distinction for 25 years as RIJHA’s office manager.

The annual meeting will feature a program called  “ ‘Remember This?’: A Prelude to the Jewish RhodeTour.”  With support from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, Breindel and a team of volunteers created a wonderful audio guide, accessible as a free mobile app, to Jewish sites throughout Rhode Island.

For access to RIJHA’s annual meeting, which will be held on Zoom on Sunday, May 23, at 2 p.m., nonmembers may contact staff member Jaime Walden at 331-1360 or office@rijha.org.

Once again, the annual meeting will be sponsored by the Arline Ruth Weinberg Memorial Fund.

GEORGE M. GOODWIN, of Providence, is the editor of Rhode Island Jewish Historical Notes.