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It was a most unusual place to grieve: the Dwares JCC, which is devoted to health, energy and strength. It was also a difficult way to grieve: amid shadows, silence and loneliness. When entering the JCC’s auditorium, I never anticipated … more
A Hanukkah miracle took place the morning of Dec. 17. Alan Gross, who had been incarcerated in a Cuban cell for more than five years, was released. Almost immediately after his arrest in Cuba on espionage charges, the Jewish community in our … more
An interesting thing has happened to me in retirement. I have converted – from political journalist to political activist. You know, the kind of person who does what he can to help folks like Gina Raimondo get elected governor . . . more
Francis Bacon (1561-1626) is quoted: “Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” But Satchel Paige (1906-1983) got it right when he said: “How old would you be if you did not know how old you … more
As we begin in the Jewish year 5775, a radical way to approach the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East, is to refresh ourselves by turning to our Torah for solutions. Torah is dynamic as the cadence of its Hebrew letters import. We were … more
Between Yom Kippur services, I had the opportunity to ask my synagogue’s three wonderful rabbis a question. Why, I wished to know, do Conservative Jewish services alternate between including and not including the matriarchs in … more
LOS ANGELES (JTA) – Devorah Brous’ San Fernando Valley home is shaded by green trees, studded with 19 fruit trees and patrolled by a pair of affable chickens that strut around the backyard. But at the moment, she is eager to show a visitor … more
JSN.ORG – I will confess that, over the last week, I felt more anxious than I’d anticipated about the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum. In case it’s not clear why, I’m a British citizen who has lived in the United States for … more
This summer, I’d always get heart palpitations from excitement upon seeing the thin envelopes with my kids’ handwriting poking out of my mailbox. Used to upbeat and positive messages, I looked forward to learning what else they’ve discovered … more
JERUSALEM (JTA) – My kids are the first to tell me that God does not have a body. “But how can He write us in a book of life? God isn’t like a person, imma!” Indeed. The image of an anthropomorphic God is rife, however, throughout … more
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