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JERUSALEM (JTA) – In the midst of a grinding war in Gaza, a sometimes near-empty Knesset gallery was packed last week for an uplifting moment: what probably was the final political act of Israel’s elder statesman. Shimon Peres – former … more
JTA – The vote is over, but the debate rages on over the recent rejection of J Street’s application to join the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Depending on where you stand, the 22-17 vote rejecting the … more
JTA – For Americans, the definition of national identity is straightforward: It goes hand in hand with citizenship. If you are an American citizen, you are also American by nationality. The same applies to the French, Germans and many others. … more
JTA – A key component that unifies a people or nation is a common language. The Jewish people are no exception; the Hebrew language is an essential element of what constitutes the Jewish nation. Hebrew often is the only common language in the … more
As children growing up, one of the first lessons our parents teach us is to be respectful of others. As we grow older we learn another valuable lesson: While others may disagree on an issue you think important, you should once again be respectful … more
JTA – After years of fighting against anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union and later in an independent Ukraine, the Ukrainian Jewish community is now confronting a new threat. This threat comes from an unprecedented effort by the Russian government … more
For the last few years, there has been some serious debate over Rhode Island’s sales tax. It’s a tough decision – do we stay at 7 percent or do we lower it a little to stay competitive with our border states? Some people think we should just … more
Sometimes the media will execute unscrupulous tactics to chase a story. Dirty politics can often incite or provoke controversy. Last week’s news surrounding Gordon Fox seems to prove my point. On Friday, March 21, news broke that the Rhode … more
 JTA  –  All in favor of a strong Jewish future, say “aye.” On that core question, there is resounding unanimity, but there have been some unnecessarily polarizing articles in the Jewish press suggesting that we have to select either … more
JTA – Leaders of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement say they are protesting Israel’s policies in the West Bank. They are doing far more than that. BDS advocates routinely oppose a two-state solution and seek to delegitimize the … more
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