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Many Americans are surprised to learn that Moroccan cuisine has influenced Israeli cuisine in various ways. One of the most popular dishes that has made its way into Israeli kitchens is Moroccan Fish. This delicious dish has become a staple on Friday nights in Israel, with families gathering around the dinner table to enjoy the flavors of their past. When Israel was founded, the new nation drew thousands of people from all around the world, including a lot of Arab countries. As a result, Israeli cuisine is diverse, unique and delicious (in my humble opinion). My grandparents came from Yemen, and, like many immigrants, their food and customs mixed with many others in Israel. One example is jachnun, a traditional Yemenite pastry that … more – You can almost feel spring in the air, and with the warmer weather come delicious, delectable foods. From casseroles to fresh fruits and wholesome vegetables, a change of season … more
This recipe originally appeared on The Nosher. Apple matzah kugel is a classic Ashkenazi Passover dish. Just like many noodle kugels, this is a sweet kugel that is meant to be served with the main … more
Matzah pies called minas are a classic Sephardic Passover dish, traditionally served for brunch or lunch with the slow-cooked, hard-boiled eggs called huevos haminados. The truth is that a mina makes a great side or main dish for any meal, even when it’s not Passover. With a top and bottom “crust” made from sheets of matzah, the filling can be made of meat — like seasoned lamb, beef, chicken — or vegetables, most commonly more
If your cookbook collection needs an update that touches on the recipes from all your favorite Kosher recipe developers and cookbook authors, this is your book. “Best of … more
My grandmother was such a powerful woman. I wrote this article in her memory, and for the memories she gave me and my family. Both of my grandmas made aliyah to Israel from Yemen in the 1950s, one … more
NEW YORK – I am in the world-renowned Katz’s Delicatessen on the Lower East Side with my friends Dave Reid and Lu Cribari. We’re here to do some serious eating, … more
The most delicious, comforting recipes are often the simplest, especially if they come with a bushel of history and soul. My Jewish husband’s grandmother (Grandma Esta) made the best brisket … more
These latkes are both creamy and savory. Making latkes bite-size makes the experience a little more fun – guests can easily eat the latkes with their fingers, and also feel like they can … more
I know that sufganiyot   – jelly doughnuts – are traditional and beloved for Hanukkah. But I feel confident that once you try these easy and incredibly delicious ricotta fritters, … more
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